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UPCOMING TEA TRIP TO CHINA! Please Click Here to open the facebook page to read the details of the trip and apply!

We are a Team of Certified Tea Masters and Tea Sommeliers who perform a variety of different Gongfu tea ceremonies.

We’re all certified tea sommeliers/masters or performers.

We’re dedicated to providing unique experiences to our fans and followers through

1. Uploading Videos and pictures of Many different varieties of Gongfu tea ceremony performances from all over the world;

2. Monthly E-newsletter of TeaMasters’ Insights;

3. Upcoming online education courses about Tea (Free of Charge to certain tier level of Patreon fans & followers)

4. Providing our hand-picked premium and reliable loose leaf tea samples FREE OF CHARGE every month to certain Patreon members at certain tier levels; postage MAY or MAY NOT be free depending on the country and city you want us to send to;

5. Organize TeaGather events in different venues in USA, possibly with PAID coordination from our local members and fans.

6. Coordinate with different international tea conventions, festivals and events etc. to organize fans for Tea Travels in groups to attend at discounted rates, etc.

Thank you all for your kind support and Cheers to all for a Happy Tea Life!